Banning Shark Fin Soup

Have you ever had shark fin soup? I might have, years ago when I was a child. I cannot recall any details about the flavor or texture of this food. But what I do know is that Shark Fin Soup (“SFS”) is a status symbol for those who can afford this expensive delicacy, and it is particularly popular among Chinese … Read More

Service Expectations

Have you ever made a reservation at a restaurant and they add an auto-gratuity on the bill? Do you ever go to a bar/pub and get excellent service? Have you ever experienced quality service at a fine dining establishment? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, I think you’ll enjoy this blog. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry … Read More

White Wine & Greek Take-Out

When it comes to wine pairing, we are not sommelier’s or even wine connoisseur’s, what we do know is that you don’t necessarily have to stick to the rules of pairing red wine with meats and white wine with fish. Wines of today can be enjoyed with cheese platters, seafood, chinese food and even desserts. My latest meal included a … Read More

Chinese Food & Red Wine

Its not often I go out for Chinese and order a bottle of wine. However I figured I should continue my ‘Vino Blog Trend’ and see how this bottle of E&J’s Apothic Red goes with some Chinese Take-out! I’ve enjoyed Apothic before but I’ve never had it with Chinese Food, and it inspired me to write about it. When I order Chinese Food, I … Read More

10 Knife Handling Tips

Throughout my time in the restaurant industry, I’ve seen my share of poor knife handling skills. From cut hands to missing fingers, heck I remember deboning beef with a colleague and thinking to myself “wow… there is so much blood in this peice of meat!”, shortly after my colleague realized it was his hand bleeding, he didn’t notice before because … Read More

Preventing Burns in a Kitchen

In this post, I’m going to go over 7 simple tips on Preventing Burns in a Kitchen, and no, I’m not talking about burning food. This seems simple enough, but you’ll be surprised how often people in the workplace burn themselves and don’t practice these safe tips. 1. Assume It’s Hot In any kitchen, you always need to assume that … Read More

Top Seafood Markets

Living in a city like Vancouver, so close to one of the world’s most abundant supplies of fresh seafood can often make us forget that not everyone has direct access to a quality fish market. Fortunately, in today’s interconnected world market, people can easily gain access to a wide range of excellent seafood of all types, no matter where they live … Read More

Your Guide To Dining Etiquette & Restaurant Table Manners

While some etiquette trends come and go, table manners and good dining etiquette never goes out of style. And honestly, we live in a time where it doesn’t always take much to stand out from the crowd in terms of politeness and grace. So, it’s a good idea to know some basic dining etiquette rules. These small handy tips can go … Read More

3 Essential

Five things to look for when you’re eating photo in Vancouver, any Vietnamese restaurant that serves PHO, must focus on the following things in order to deliver excellent flavour and good value. The broth. Trying to find good broth with little or no MSG is hard to fine but central phone on TV is yet to disappoint. The flavourful beef … Read More